Just like the wind, passing one area after another, compañía naranjas murmullos is going to visit town after town, places in austria, czech republic, poland (and beyond that, if possible)…      

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Past Events

05.2.15 gallneukirchen, Diakoniewerk tiempo del viento primero

08.2.15 linz, Divino pocito y bueno

13.2.15 zwettl/rodl, Sonnenhof tiempo del viento pictures

21.2.15 kirchschlag/linz, birthday event pictures

27.2.15 vienna, Cafe Orient tiempo del viento primero

12.6.16 linz, Red Sapata pocito y bueno 15.+22.6.16 hinzenbach, K&K Kammerbuehne

pocito y bueno 17.6.16 linz, Behrenskueche pocito y bueno