pocito y bueno

Music between the heart of spain and austria. …and beyond…   pyb gruppe 500x333

Initiated in 2011, developed in several working periods up until now under supervision of bandleader Domingo Martín, mainly created in his studio in Jerez de la Frontera/spain, emerged a body of songs and pieces between andalusia and upper austria, a musical depiction of the three of this groups participants. “More for less” (hence “pocito y bueno” – little but nice) remained a dictum throughout this whole period, less in terms of its participants, less in terms of complexity of arrangements, in order to maintain a maximum of flexibility regarding time and location as well as selection of material. Whereas a clear focus is set on flamenco puro, stylistic counterpoints constantly enrich the performance. Therefore, strong presence of cante flamenco (embodied by Pilar de los Reyes) withdraws every now and then in order to support, on one instance, fragile ashkenazic singing of Karin Kocher-Krenmayr and laying rhythmic groundwork as palmera on another. Contrast defining shape, shape enabling awareness, awareness as a base of mutual approach… In that sence, Bach reveals a new hearing perspective under iberic influence, spanish south fraternizes with northern-melancolic mourn of british folksongs, all of which beeing bits and pieces that sum up to a diverse yet symbiotic picture.


Pilar de los Reyes: vocals, palmas

Karin Kocher-Krenmayr: vocals, guitar

Domingo Martín: guitar, percussion

special guest: Arkaduisz Podstawka: guitar



      de toda la gente sample
      naila sample
      tu ven a mi sample


recorded by Domenic Gaito