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We also offer workshops!

Schoolgroups, people of interest, groups of all kinds and ages, beginners and advanced are all welcome!
Projected duration: aprox. 4 hours



To tune into the basic soundcosmos, we intend to play and comment on a few pieces in the beginning.


To stimulate the whole potential of movement we continue with warm-up and basic exercises which ultimately lead into little choreographies which includes the rhythmic sounds of palmas (handclapping) and last but not least zapateado (characteristic footstomping). There will be freedom for impulses from any other dancestyles and cultures.


Basic technique and sound development are completed with rhythm exercise and training. In addition you´ll get an insight and an inroduction to rhythmic concepts and forms of certain flamenco styles.




Rounding off the lessons with a presentation of the newly acquired knowledge on the part of both students and teachers.


For information, applications or questions please contact Karin Kocher-Krenmayr