A nucleus.
Limited to the very essence.
An intimate dialogue kept in somewhat tranquil fashion.
Participants exchanging thoughts, figures of sound, ending up somewhere entirely different due to that quite specific dynamic, new common grounds worth beeing explored.

in that sence, this duo searches through layer by layer, starting in and based on standard-jazz material, but going beyond by travelling back in time, lending figures, structures, material here and there in order to transform and refresh them.
Telling old tales in contemporary languageā€¦

so take part in this discourse and see where you’re going to end up…


Karin Kocher-Krenmayr: vocals

Arkadiusz Podstawka: guitar


      black orpheus

      piece of sky
recorded by arkadiusz podstawka

…weitere Setlist Chega de Saudade Black Orpeus Bird Alone Gentle Rain A Piece Of Sky Thank You Stars By The Way You Are The Sunshine Of My Life Girl From Ipanema u.a.